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ANNOUNCEMENT .  Do not click on the contact page for a sunroof installation as we are no longer fitting any sunroofs. All the companies around the world have stopped production as of March 2020 . We now only do repairs . 


Our focus now will shift to the repair side of the sunroof industry as that has steadily increased with the advent of so many factory fitted sunroofs, we are able to effect repairs to almost every car brand and model with a sunroof fitted that is available in Australia.

If your sunroof has a problem please feel free to contact us on 0414312624 or via our Contact page.



East Coast Sunroofs are Queenslands most experienced Sunroof installation and repair centre , with over 45 years involvement in the auto industry . We are able to service a wide range of manufacturers original equipment sunroofs , and aftermarket models . Parts are sourced from individual companies where available . Sunroofs are like any auto part if not serviced periodically failure may occur , if your car has a sunroof it pays to have it checked if you are concerned about its operation . There are some model original equipment sunroofs that are prone to certain defects if you have a question about your sunroof please call or email advice is freely available this way.


Please use the contact page for email enquires or if you wish call our mobile 0414 312624 .

Desert Road


Sadly now after nearly 40 plus years installing first Hollandia and now Webasto Sunroofs who purchased Hollandia in 2000 Webasto have decided to discontinue with aftermarket sunroof manufacturing worldwide . As carmakers have embraced sunroof installations at factory level the aftermarket has become unprofitable for Webasto and as such we will not for the foreseeable future be offering aftermarket sunroofs. We will, however, continue to supply parts for all the Webasto models but we will now focus on the repair side of the sunroof industry as there are millions of factory sunroofs in cars in Australia and no doubt they will have problems.


With all the new Panoramic sunroofs coming onto the market they have raised a whole new set of problems that we have recognized and we are well placed to effect repairs . European vehicles like Mercedes VW Audi and BMW etc have a variety of problems we have seen and have also successfully carried out repairs to. We are also seeing problems with brands like Hyundai / Kia and several of the Japanese models so it seems we will still be busy with all these factory sunroofs well into the future .


East Coast Sunroofs is a privately owned and operated sunroof installation repair company based on the southside of Brisbane. We still are the longest-running Hollandia /Webasto installation center under the same ownership in Australia with over 40 years connection to the original Hollandia brand , our connection with sunroofs goes back over 53 years when I started as a Motor Trimmer in Brisbane . Those days were the infancy of sunroofs in Australia so I quickly learned how they worked and how to effect repairs .

If you have any issue with your sunroof being either an aftermarket or genuine factory fitted please feel free to give me a call on 0414312624 , a simple phone call will give you answers that other places like dealers will not be able to help with . Most importantly if you attempt to fix a sunroof yourself please think twice , we often find ourselves having to repair a sunroof which the owner has attempted to and ends up with bigger problem for us to sort out . Once again if you wish to contact us you can use our Contact Page or through Facebook Messenger or visit our Facebook page for updates . You can also send photos and requests to our mobile 0414312624



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BEFORE contacting us we are no longer installing sunroofs as Webasto have stopped production of sunroofs . Please if your request is for a repair make sure to include vehicle make model year and a summary of the problem .

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